How to turn down a job offer – Sean Connery airs his views clearly on his typewriter to Steve Jobs. 

Love getting letters!

I wanted to find out more about why we love getting letters, typed or otherwise! Arabella Martin, aged 7, told me why she loved receiving post!        

Wisdom for Simple Living

Words from a 19th century hymn have inspired Ruth’s Recycled Recommendation this week. It’s a beauty – please take a look and inspire others… Thanks Ruth!

Simple Living

Another recycled recommendation from Ruth has just been delivered – and its a winner! Ever wondered about how to live the simple life? Take a look – all you need …

Famous Typists!

The following is a short list of renowned creative figures who used the typewriter. It is hoped that these figures (both past and present) will inspire admirers of theirs to …

First Love

Guest post by Alexander Kay (22), Freelance Scriptwriter The first scripts I ever wrote were on a typewriter… No, sorry, maybe I’d better start from the very beginning. The first …

Remember? loves this old typewriter used by Shane Koyczan. Get in touch Shane and tell us about it…..that is when you have a spare moment!

Remember? loves Shane Koyczan. If you do one thing today, watch “Remember How We Forgot”.

Typing Tunes?

Typewriters don’t just type of course…they also feature as percussion in famous tunes (look out for the typewriter solo in China my China by Brian Eno, or the familiar tapping …