Usher’s Letters of Note!

Usher’s Letters of Note!

Type it recently discovered Shaun Usher’s blog “Letters of Note”. Since 2009, Usher has been featuring “correspondence deserving of a wider audience” on his much-loved wesbite

In an interview in The Observer earlier this month, Usher explained his love of the typed missive:

“If I’m reading an email, I’ve always got my eye on something else…but if a letter comes through the door, I’m always in awe that someone has made the effort. There’s something beautiful just looking at the paper, looking at the letterhead if there is one, working out what they have typed the letter on or looking at the handwriting. There’s just so much more to enjoy.”

The site showcases letters: inspiring, moving, surprising and often tear jerking from across the ages. Usher has recently published a book called Letters of Note which contains 125 examples ranging from a clay tablet in the 14th century BC to the present day. My personal favourite is a typed letter from 1934 from a New York copywriter by the name of Robert Pirosh who headed to Hollywood in the pursuit of his dream to become a screenwriter. His letter is a shining example of how a letter can compel an interview!  Pirosh went on to fulfil his dream and won an Oscar for best original screenplay for his work on the war film Battleground. A few months later, he won a Golden Globe.

See Pirosh’s letter here